Thursday, September 29, 2016

Wednesday 09/28/2016 Food Diary


In preparation for the upcoming 28 day challenge, I started posting the foods I eat. 
I thought this would be a good time to share my goals. I am using the Harris-Benedict Equation to calculate my caloric requirements (Katch McCardle comes in slightly lower) Here is the breakdown:
BMR:  1993.2   Harris Benedict
TDEE: 2740.7   At 37.50%
Wkly Weight Loss Goal: 2.0 - 2.5
Target Calorie Deficit   869.00 [32% of TDEE]
Target Net Daily Calories: 1,872
Additional Cal Burned/day:531   Cardio 5 days/week
Net Daily Calorie Deficit: 1,400
Macro Nutrients:
Carbs: 35%
Fat: 25%
Prot.: 40%
I have some work to do relative to attaining Macro Goals:
Reduce nut and cheese consumption
Increase Protein (protein drinks on the road)
I travel out of town every week Monday thru Thursday and have been working hard at meeting goals on the road. It's not perfect yet, but huge progress from the past. Major changes to my diet include:
No Gluten (bread, pasta, wheat snacks, etc..)
No refined sugar (cookies, cake, ice cream, etc..)
No Alcohol
No Chips
No fried food
Increase fish, chicken and lean red meat.
Next step - continue to work at achieving macro goal.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 10 -Goals

My primary goal for week 10 is 100% focus in the gym. Six hours dedicated to body transformation.

Regardless of how hectic my week is, I will find 1 hour each day for my health and well being.

My 5 Goals for week Ten:

1 - Say something uplifting or helpful to someone.
2 - 15 mim Daily meditation
3 - 40 min daily cardiovascular
4 - Full Body workout - 3 days
5 - Seven hours of sleep on average for the week

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 9 Results - Just okay

Week 9 Results
To date my stomach is 2.5 inches smaller and I've lost 15 lbs of fat - 22 lbs overall.
As suspected my weight loss was less than target for these past two weeks. There were more days without exercise than I would have liked - I think the next two weeks will help get me back on track.
This is a 40 week journey, I've been fortunate to have great success the first 8 weeks. The upcoming Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle 28 day fitness habit challenge will definitely increase my focus and catapult me into the Holiday Challenge. 
Week 10 - I accept your challenge 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Day 56, Week 8, Month 2

Week 8
Week eight was challenging in that there were no normal patterns in the week - late nights, early mornings and a lot of travel time. I had one restaurant meal that I think kills people (holy smokes I think there was fish in my butter).
I was craving chicken but couldn't find anything baked - yes, I walked past Popeyes - ended up having nuts. Later that night I was able to get a rotisserie chicken with some spinach. And, this morning - stone cut oats with fresh fruit... ahhhh happy man. 
I'm getting to the point where all "bad" food cravings are gone. I am now craving healthy, whole food. 
I weighed myself on my mother's scale (I have no idea if it's accurate - even after placing a 10 lb weight on it) according to the scale I lost 5 lbs. I'll take it for now - until I can weight myself in my scale next week. 
I've been home one day this month. Good news, I am working out more frequently in the morning in hotel gyms.
I am really looking forward to some weekends home.
Bring it week 9!