Monday, January 6, 2014

My Goals

Daily (Lifestyle Goals)

  • I am eating lean proteins and complex carbs
  • I am exercising daily to reach my fat % goals
  • I am lifting every other day.
  • I am reading healthy tweets
  • I am reading Inner Circle Posts

Weekly Goals

  • I am healthier this week then last week
  • I am more active this week then last week
  • I have lost 0.6% body fat
  • I am avoiding red zone foods

Three Month Goals

  • Fat from 35% to 15.2%
  • Fat from 82.4 lbs to 27.8
  • I habitually making healthy choices 

One Year Goals

  • My body fat is 10%
  • I have an abundance of energy
  • I am confident and determined
  • I look and feel outstanding
  • I live and breathe a healthy lifestyle

Long Term Goals

  • Positive example for all 50 plus year old men and woman that desire healthy and lean bodies like mine!
  • I maintain my lean and healthy body with positive choices
  • I am helping family, friends and anyone who wants to learn the BFFM methodology.